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Jul 13

The Key to a Perfectly Decorated Guest Bedroom

One of the simple beauties of owning your own home is having the opportunity to host guests. However, this idea is often more glamorous in theory than in practice, and many homeowners struggle with perfecting their guest bedrooms. The decorating process doesn’t have to be a large production. In fact, keeping it simple and focused on the little details is the key to a wonderful stay.

Clean Decor

Seasons change, but guest room decor doesn’t have to. Your visitor’s quarters do not have to embody the epitome of the latest trends and fashions; it is far more important to keep decorations and bed accessories timeless and comfortable. The essentials? Fluffy pillows, a climate temperate duvet, and plenty of soft throw blankets. There is nothing more uncomfortable as a guest than a too cold or too warm stay because of stuffy comforters or rough blankets.

Ease of Electronics, Outlets and Lights

 This might seem like a small and meaningless detail, but making sure there is a visible outlet and light switch close to the bed is a must for any thoughtful host. Guests don’t want to worry about charging their phones or stumbling into bed in the dark. This common problem can be solved with a chic bedside charging station. These are sleek, helpful, and usually offer a clock interface so guests don’t have to reach for their phones to know the time. Pair it will a tasteful nightside lamp that can be turned off with ease from the side of the bed, and make sure that television remotes are simple to use. Consider writing a little note to guests regarding the “how to’s” of the home, from the television to the coffee maker. Visitors don’t want to bother, and this will show attention and care on your part.  

Florals and Aroma

 Tangential with the simple decor, it is still important to showcase thoughtfulness through subtle details. Prior to arrival, place a few complementing floral arrangements in the bed and bathrooms, and burn a favorite candle. These are minor changes that will make any visitor feel calm and welcomed. Consider picking one of these luxury decorative candles that double as interior design and delightful aroma.