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Jun 05

World Environment Day

It’s Time for Change

World Environment Day is quickly approaching, giving us a chance to work together on our common goals. This year the theme is “Connecting People to Nature,” encouraging us to think about how we are all part of nature and to care for our home.

Everywhere you go, you see trash on the ground and people carelessly tossing trash and lit cigarettes out of car windows. Parents litter in front of their children, and it’s impossible to keep up with the amount of debris scattered around.

Being mindful can help change habits for a better, cleaner environment. Tossing your trash is fast, easy and convenient, and when you look at the rubbish scattered everywhere, you probably think you can’t make a difference, but you can.

We Can Make a Difference

Although it may seem that one person alone can’t make much difference, together as a whole we can. The job is too big for any one person, or even a small group of people. Even when people are paid to pick up trash, it takes a group to make a larger difference.

Talk to your neighbors. Have neighborhood meetings and show them areas both before and after they have been cleaned up. Post pictures in the area so everyone can be reminded what it looks like when things are beautiful and clean. Then, when they see what they could have, make a plan that can work, a plan where they can be involved and know they are making a difference.

Regular Neighborhood Pick-Ups

As litter piles up fast, decide to make a plan. Many neighborhoods have a trash pick-up once a year, which nets many garbage bags full of trash, but during the other 364 days of the year, the trash piles up.

Those yearly events are good because they raise awareness and they let people know they are responsible. If you want a more beautiful environment throughout the year, you can set up something more regular.

Regular trash pick-ups can be scheduled once a month, with the schedule posted in advance. Your neighborhood can offer prizes, and children can be offered community service at their schools and service organizations. Host a competition for who can clean up the most trash.

New Habits

When people really feel like neighbors, they make many new habits. Good friendship with your neighbors will lead to you and them looking out for one another. You may see a reduction in crime as your neighbors become more aware and vigilant in protecting where they live.

It’s not too late to create good habits that make you happy. You and everyone involved will feel a sense of satisfaction as you see your results. When you start, use pictures of how you want your area to look. Keep the “before” pictures so you remember why you are doing what you do.