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Jun 16

The 8 Best Father’s Day Gift Guides

Finding the ideal Father’s Day gift can be a headache for both kids and moms. To help, take a look through some of the many gift guides which are now available, and which cover a wide variety of areas of interest.

Here’s our selection of just a few of the best.

For the sheer range of gifts available, it’s hard to beat GiftTree. This guide is biased towards food and drink gifts, but also features numerous outdoor products, male grooming and embossed and engraved personalized gifts.

GiftTree also offers a full range of pricing, from under $30 to over $100.

PGA Tour estimates that around 20 million American men play golf, which is why for those who love a good put, we recommend checking out PGA Tour’s list. Whether your dad plays at least once a week or perhaps only once a year, consider whether a golfing gift may be appropriate.

The good news, though, is that this guide features a range of stylish clothing – especially polo shirts and shorts – as well as weekend travel bags, all of which can be worn and used away from the golf course.

Forbes contributor, Jim Dobson, has put together what he describes as the Ultimate Gift Guide. As you might expect, these tend towards the more expensive end of the scale, but if your pocketbook allows, you’re sure to find something here.

Subtitled “From the Outrageous to the Practical”, this Guide offers suggestions for a variety of dads including lovers of the outdoors, frequent travelers, businessmen and those who just love to play. Gifts include noise cancellation earbuds, luxury outerwear, creaseless travel clothing and luxury bags, cocktail kits, a weightless flying experience, a day with boxing legend Sugar Ray Leonard (yes really!) and many more.

Fellow Forbes contributor, Larry Olmsted, has also produced several guides, aimed at different budget levels, including a guide to the 5 Best Whiskies for 2017. These include Bourbon, Rye, Japanese blends and, of course, the classic Scottish single malt. These vary considerably in price, so you needn’t break the bank.

But if whisky is not Dad’s thing, Olmsted has also produced a Best Gift Guide featuring cooking products and outdoor and fitness gear starting at around $100. He has also compiled a luxury guide for more expensive gifts, which include fine wines, steaks and grills.

For a slightly different approach, you might also look at for a guide that specializes in personalized gifts for both dads and granddads. Popular options include photo frames, watches, whisky or beer glasses and decanters, grilling gear, cufflinks and business accessories. And the really great thing about this guide? Gifts start from as little as $25, going up to $100.

These are just a few of the many guides which are available and found online. There is of course no need to buy directly from any of them, but they will all provide an invaluable source of ideas if you’re stuck for inspiration.

NBC Today Show

As with any type of gift, you can spend as much or as little as you like, depending on your budget. But there’s no need to despair if cash is really tight this year. With a little imagination it’s quite possible to come up with ideas for inexpensive and creative activities which the whole family can enjoy.

Just recently, for example, NBC’s Today Show ran a segment expressly devoted to this theme. You might make tree swings, miniature soccer goals or even a mini-golf course, depending on Dad’s particular interests – and all with items which, if you don’t already have them, can be obtained inexpensively from outlets like Home Depot or even your local Dollar Store.

This approach can help you enjoy a truly memorable family day which is, after all, the real point of Father’s Day.