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Jun 27

4 Ideas for Entertaining Guests Al-Fresco This Summer 

With the summer season reaching full-swing, it is that time of year when people love to entertain guests in the warm outdoor air. However, many people are left wondering what kind of fresh, new ideas they can incorporate with their backyard to throw a unique summer party. Fortunately, there are a few ideas that everyone can put to use and ensure that their party guests never forget their experience.

  1. Bring the Kitchen Outside

Without a doubt, one of the struggles of throwing a party outdoors is the fact that the kitchen is inside, yet the party is outside. It can be difficult to entertain guests while cooking at the same time. Furthermore, having to constantly run inside and outside to feed party guests leaves plenty of opportunities to spill food and drinks. Therefore, why not bring the kitchen outside? Incorporate a grill with the outdoor patio. This means that the host can cook and entertain simultaneously. It also cuts down on transport time and opportunities for spills. Finally, an incorporated grill cannot be knocked over like a typical grill. This improves the safety and the cleanup process after.

  1. Open Up the House

For those who need more party space, the homeowners at Fielding have a number of unique housing designs with doors that open up the kitchen to the outdoors. This half-indoor, half-outdoor design ensures that entertaining party guests is a breeze during the summer, providing guests with more seating options as well as a place to go if it starts to rain. This also makes it easier to add some music to the party from the indoor speakers.

  1. Screen a Movie

Anyone who misses the idea of drive-in movies under the stars will love this idea. Many people have large walls on the back of their house or patio. For those who don’t, it isn’t hard to set up a screen outside. By bringing a projector to the backyard, people can enjoy the advantages of a big-screen TV in the comfort of their own backyard. This will make the party the talk of the town and could be followed by a double feature.

  1. Outdoor Lighting is Key

Finally, nobody should ever neglect the details. While outdoor lighting is always necessary, the type of lighting is important because it helps to create the mood that the party will have. Small pathway lighting keeps the mood quiet and subdued while larger lighting can increase the life and energy of the party. Depending on the type of gathering, try different types of lighting and find the feel that is right for the occasion.