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Jun 22

4 of the Best Ways to Add Summer Solstice Style to Your Home 

The summer solstice will take place on June 21st, marking the beginning of beach season! It is also the day with the most hours of sunlight. Traditionally, the solstice was a celebration of the earth, sun and light. Why not welcome the easygoing spirit of summer by giving your home a makeover? From warmly-colored accent pieces to walls painted in vibrant shades, let the longest day of the year guide your decorating decisions. Here are four fresh ideas to help you get started.

Use Florals to Add Summer Color

Using a flourish of blooms around your house will give it a warm feeling year-round. There are many ways that the hues of the season can be used to add style to your home décor.

  • Faux flowers – Decorating with fake flowers is an excellent way to give your home a natural touch and invite the summer indoors.
  • Artwork – Brighten up your rooms with artwork that features beautiful florals. Dazzling artwork can bring vibrant energy and charm into your abode.
  • Floral wallpaper – This helps liven and brighten up any room.
  • Natural accents – An accent chair that features a botanical print is perfect for summer decorating.
  • Botanical rugs and pillows – These are an excellent way to introduce pattern and floral colors into your interior spaces. The color-packed patterns of flowery pillows and rugs will make it seem that your home is in bloom.

Decorate in the Colors of the Sun

Using sunshine-like colors for decorating is a good way to savor the season. Here are some easy ways to use summer hues around your home:

  • Capture the sunrise – When the sun rises, the colors are intense and bright as the sun shines through the darkness. Accent your home with pieces that capture the vivid colors of the morning sun.
  • Mimic the midday sun – Imitate the fiery oranges and yellows of the midday sun with colorful throw pillows and rugs.
  • Echo the shades of the sunset – Decorate your home with deep golds and pinks. You can also set up a comfortable seating area outdoors with plump cushions that are the colors of the sky at sunset.

Let the Summer Harvest Inspire You

The warmer weather provides plenty of opportunity for growing fresh produce. Farmer’s markets overflow with delicious vegetables and backyard garden beds are chock-full of summer fruits and vegetables. Use the bountiful summer produce to enliven your interior design. Choose purple, green, yellow and red accent pieces for your rooms. Or, display fresh berries in a ceramic berry basket. Kitchen towels and artwork that depicts summer fruits and vegetables is another great way to incorporate the harvest into your interior style.

Turn Your Outdoor Space Into a Summer Getaway

The backyard is the best place to be during the summer. Turn your patio or deck into a comfy getaway where you can soak up the sun’s rays. Outfit your outdoor space with a comfortable lounge chair and a patio umbrella. Add colorful cushions and an outdoor rug.

If you want to enjoy the carefree spirit of the summer solstice, you are in luck! The above tips offer lots of easy ways to brighten your home this season.