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May 11

Best Ways to Create an Accent Wall

We’ve all heard the saying “less is more.”  That’s up for debate on quite a few levels, but it does happen to be true when it comes to accent walls in your home. Sometimes that small splash of color is all it takes to give depth and energy to a room, while also providing a perfect palette for creative expression. From paint to wallpaper, decals and wall art, there are plenty of ways to express yourself through dedicated accent walls in every room. Here are a few tips to get you started.

Paint Makes it Pop

Paint is by far the quickest and easiest way to make instant improvements to walls throughout your home. The key is finding the perfect color blend that complements existing walls, furniture and decor  – rather than clashing with them.  A fairly safe way to go is choosing a shade of color that’s just slightly darker or lighter than other walls in the room. This adds depth while maintaining a tranquil continuity. However, life isn’t always about guarding the status quo. If you need a little pizzazz in your life, go bold! Take your own personality into account when choosing whether “bold” means warm yellows, oranges and burgundies, or cool shades such as blues, greens and purples. You can also opt for zingy splashes of contemporary cherry red, electric lemon yellow or sassy spring green for your accent walls. Take an assessment of your personal style as reflected in furniture, lamps and pillows, and then decide how to maximize that with your accent color choice. Remember that paint is the ultimate “do-over,” so don’t be afraid to experiment. You can even use textured paint to create interesting patterns, or brush a section of the wall with chalkboard paint to create temporary murals.

Wallpaper: The Comeback Queen

Like all good things in life, the cycle of wall decor has come full circle, bringing back the old-fashioned art of decorating with wallpaper. A wallpapered accent wall is the perfect place to flirt with styles without a full commitment. Choose to go vintage 60s, fabulous art deco pastels, or even bring nature inside with peaceful landscape-themed papers. If you need to tone it down a bit, add solid-colored drapes, lampshades or throw blankets nearby to even things out.  If you just can’t bring yourself to go the “paste and paper” route, consider using wall decals. They can be as simple as pale blue raindrops in a random pattern, or continuous, repeating geometric shapes.

Accent Wall Decor

When choosing which wall to accent, look at inherent features such as unique windows, portholes or fireplaces. These can be natural accessories that are highlighted by your paint or wallpaper. Alternatively, choose large paintings or a gallery of smaller photographs that come alive on the colorful canvas background you’ve given them. Wall sconces, shelves, mirrors and lights enhance the cozy cubbyhole created by your personalized new accent wall.