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Apr 05

Virtual Reality Leading to Change

The use of virtual reality (VR) is quickly becoming a trend in the world of real estate as companies are gradually getting a feel for the power of this technology. A few developers are already utilizing VR as a way to entice potential buyers and to expand the consumer experience when shopping for a new home.

Homebuyers now have the ability to wear VR goggles to take a virtual tour of their potential future home. The VR experience is a phenomenal selling tool, and is especially useful when new communities are being developed and model homes are under construction. The technology allows potential buyers to really explore the home, which seems to make them feel much more comfortable with their purchase decision.

Trumark Homes is taking Virtual Reality to another level by utilizing it as a tool to educate and drive awareness of the mission of their partner, charity: water, a non-profit organization bringing clean and safe drinking water to people in developing countries. Dedicated to making a positive impact in helping to solve the global water crisis, Trumark Homes is a proud partner of charity: water, who has already committed to providing one well for every 50 homes built. These wells provide safe drinking water to communities, where water is needed most to support growing economies.

Trumark Homes offers VR in all of their sales offices to tell the story of charity: water and their efforts. They are allowing visitors the opportunity to experience a six minute, virtual reality video that tells the story behind a well in Ethiopia being installed. It introduces viewers to a little girl who used to walk miles every day to bring water to her family in their village – water which was actually unsafe to drink. The video shows the new hope given to this girl’s family through the newly installed well that will provide fresh, clean drinking water for her village.

That’s the beauty of virtual reality: Anything can become local. VR has the ability to immerse people into an experience and drive them to take action. When Trumark homeowners watch the video, they have been surprised at how realistic the VR experience is. “A lot of people have never tried virtual reality goggles before,” says Meagan Gomez, Marketing Manager at Trumark Homes. “Our homeowners are really moved by the story and feel honored to be a part of the Trumark contribution that impacts these villages in a big way, something that some of us take for granted.”