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Mar 02

How to Paint Like a Pro

Spring is almost here and it’s the perfect time to give your home a little refresh. Interior painting is a great way to redecorate a room and it can be both fun and easy. The key is proper preparation. Here are four simple steps to paint like a pro:

  • Remove or cover furniture – Move furniture out of the way to avoid accidents and spills. If you are unable to move it completely out of the way, just pull it away from the wall. Be sure to cover it with a plastic cover to ensure if any paint happens to splatter, it will not stain the furniture.
  • Remove wall drapes– This one seems like common sense, but often times, people try to just tie the curtains up instead of taking them down. Sometimes shortcuts are not always best and it’s better to be safe than sorry. If you have curtains, remove them from the rod and take them down completely.
  • Protect the floor – Whether you have wood floors or carpet, they both need protection. Cover the floors with a protective covering. You can find this at your local hardware store or at a Home Depot.
  • Clean the walls – Take the extra step to clean the walls before applying the paint to get smooth, good looking results. Use a mild detergent mixed with water. After cleaning, rinse it well with water and allow it to fully dry before you start to paint.

Once you are done with preparing the room, select the paint you plan to use. Keep in mind how your color of choice will play off of your other décor. If you want a little guidance in terms of what colors are on trend, check out Pantone home color palettes for 2017.

To get the job done quickly, here are a few time saving tips:

  • Use the right tools – Use a paint brush with synthetic bristles, as they are more versatile, especially if you are using latex paint. Rollers are also a great time saver as it allows for quick and even application.
  • Use Painters Tape –Using painters tape around the edges makes the painting job faster and neat, unlike with masking tapes. You can also try a quick edge painter that can quickly and cleanly paint edges around baseboards, window trim, doors and ceilings.
  • Be strategic – Have a plan of action. If you are painting the ceilings, do that first, followed by walls, trims, windows and finally baseboards. This ensures that the places you have already painted are free from paint spatter.

Once your paint project is complete, it’s time to clean up. Clean all your tools so that they can be used at another time. For example, you can clean the bristles of your brush using a paint comb and then hang it to dry. After that, remove the protective gears you used and wait for the room to dry. Once you are done, bring in or uncover the furniture and arrange it in a way that you see fit. Here are a few fun feng-shui decorating ideas that might help.

Here’s to the end results being captivating, refreshing and completely satisfying. Now give it a try!