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Feb 15

Working from Home: Five Proactive Tips to Help You Stay Productive & Balanced

Working from home in the United States is a growing trend. In fact, according to recent information compiled by Gallup, a respected polling organization, some 37 percent of working professionals now work from home, on either a part-time or full-time basis. But even as the trend grows, those who have already made the transition quickly learn that there are challenges involved in leaving the brick-and-mortar world behind. Whether you are already working from home, or are preparing to do so, the following tips can help you meet and overcome some of the challenges that might keep you from succeeding in your goal.

1. Make Sure Your Home Supports Your Work

Working from home has created an increase in the number of homes for sale that include spacious, dedicated offices. If your current home lacks space to create the type of office space you need to be productive and successful, maybe it is time to consider finding a more suitable one.

2. Create a Schedule and Stick to It

Set your goals by identifying what needs to get done every day and make sure it gets accomplished. Create a checklist and set to-dos, so that you can easily prioritize your day. This can allow you to see what your day looks like and you can schedule some time to enjoy the flexibility that you have. Take some breaks, go for a run or do something fun for an hour and then get back to your work day. Your checklist will help to balance each day and serve as a physical document to display all of your achievements.

3. Get Dressed

The thought of doing your work in your pajamas every day is a pleasant one, but don’t let it become a regular occurrence. Set some parameters. Maybe treat yourself once a week, by allowing your wardrobe to be those sweat pants that you never want to take off. Otherwise, dress the part as if you were going into an actual office.

4. Keep Your Social Life Separate

Working from home is definitely a luxury in that you have flexibility and independence, but when your friends start knocking on your door when that proposal is due, it could become a problem. Keep your work hours separate from your social hours. Make sure to set aside a solid schedule dedicated to work and then you can make time for your friends and other activities after those hours.

5. Go Outside

Avoid isolating yourself. Get out and socialize a bit, but keep it professional. Coffee shops are a great place to work from. It allows you the opportunity to still get your work done, while being around other people. You may find several other working professionals doing the same thing as you. It’s good to change up the scenery from time to time and it might spark some creativity that you weren’t finding at your home office.