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Jun 08

5 Ways To Keep Your Home Safe During Summer Vacation

Lock the door

Keeping your home safe during summer vacation is paramount to your peace-of-mind. Warmer summer days mean more people are outdoors and on vacation, which is appealing to opportunistic thieves. So whether you’re on “staycation” or heading out of town, knowing that your possessions are safe and sound will make it much easier to relax. Here are five ways to keep your home safe while you’re away:

  1. Install a quality home security system – Having an effective security alarm system installed is the number one way to keep thieves and other criminals at bay. If you don’t already have one, you may want to consider putting one of the best alarm systems, such as ADT or Vivint, in your home.
  2. Hire a trusted friend or family member to housesit – This suggestion is not meant as a substitute for having a good security system. Instead, hiring someone you trust to housesit provides added insurance that thieves won’t bother your residence, especially when they see lights being switched on-and-off or a car in the driveway.
  3. Keep your house cooled off adequately – Believe it or not, heat is a safety issue when you’re away. Summers are getting hotter, and things like volatile chemicals in the garage or kitchen can explode or leak if not cooled to the “safe zone” temperature range. Keeping “safe” in summertime often means keepingyour home cooled, so consider setting your A/C to automatic.
  4. Install automatic lights or curtains on timers – Another effective way to deter burglars and thieves is to use automatic lights and curtains on timer devices. If you can’t find someone to housesit, this may be the best option. Anyone scouting your home as their next target will be misled when they see lights switching on-and-off, as well as curtains opening and closing.
  5. Keep your property well-lit with motion-sensor devices – It is important when considering home security toalso use motion-sensor flood lights outside for added security; especially in the summer months. Of course, these lights can be employed all-year-round for when your home is either occupied or not, but summer brings out the thieves looking for the unoccupied residences of the season’s vacationers.

Follow these five tips and you’ll be all set for some much needed relaxation on your trip to Lake Como, St. Barts or wherever your summer adventure takes you!

Jun 02

Summer 2016’s Best Home Trends: A Season Where Nature and Technology Meet


The first part of any new year often gets off to a slow start as we recover from the holidays and gear up for new beginnings. By the time spring wraps up, interior design trends of the New Year are often in full swing with a refreshing take on summer’s longer, sunny days and cool, blissful evenings.

Industry experts are forecasting summer 2016 to showcase home design trends like tech minimalism, natural fabrics, and color palettes reminiscent of a summer sky at twilight.  Read on for details about what to expect in home trends as the summer season closes in:

  1. Color Palettes: Cool grays and darker colors are becoming a thing of the past, and now that summer is almost here, designers are seeing more of those soft, natural blues and rose hues that remind us of endless summer nights. Texture and metallics are at the forefront of this naturalist movement as well, with soft metals in different tones of copper and rose gold combined with bold, textured fabrics that celebrate getting back to nature and give a nod to the modern world.
  2. Furniture: This summer’s furniture trends are not just for the tiny-house obsessed. Multifunctional is the name of the game, and it’s no longer just a novelty in home décor. Home furniture—from office to living room to kitchen—is becoming more ergonomically and technologically friendly, offering multiple uses and styles to suit a variety of applications from gaming to downloading files to meditating. Think bedside lamps and armchairs that can wirelessly charge your devices simply from being in close proximity to them, and home office spaces that are folded up into mid-century modern bookshelves when not in use. Seventies inspired modular sofas in natural fabrics are on the rise and can accommodate multiple uses for families of all sizes, tastes, and interests.
  3. Home Tech: It’s becoming part of the furniture, and moving away from the cold hard lines of 2015. Wires are being hidden behind fabric flat screen television consoles and minimalist furniture legs are supporting the devices in a bold move away from the bulky media cabinets of the early 2000’s. Like many other household furnishings, home technology pieces are now reflecting a bit more of the mid-century modern era. Consumers are looking to their homes for a refuge from the increasing hustle and bustle of tech-driven life, so it’s only natural that home technology and décor will follow suit.

Applying these trends to your home won’t only make it a standout this summer but it will also offer up some convenience in everyday life, which is something Trumark Homes knows a thing or two about. Follow these top three tips and you’ll be ready to Live Tru all summer long.

Jun 01

GlobeSt.: Pent-Up Demand Creates Buyer Opportunities

In this exclusive, co-founder Gregg Nelson discusses how Trumark has adapted to the needs of today’s buyers and addresses housing demand amid a struggle to keep up.