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Jun 26

Neighborhood Spotlight: Santa Ana

Discovery Cube in Santa Ana Anaheim

Considering a move? Need a city that’s just as unique as you? Santa Ana, CA may be the exact place you’re looking for. With a fun, artsy, and laid-back community, Santa Ana has tons of activities for locals and their visitors to take part in, and our upcoming Tribella neighborhood just adds even more to the mix. Take a look at some of the area’s best attractions, schools and shopping opportunities, and learn more about why Santa Ana could be just right for you.



  • Discovery Cube:If you’re looking for family fun in an educational environment, the Santa Ana science center is the place to be. Your kids can learn while having more fun than they might at a playground, and many of the exhibits are interactive, so you and your little ones can be hands-on during your visit. For even more fun, be sure to visit during the yearly Bubble Fest, a major attraction for the city which features a bubble laser show, water spheres and much more.


  • Newport Beach:The beach, with its glorious surf, sun and sand, is only a short 20-minute drive from Santa Ana, so get ready to pack a bag and head over to the shining shore. Boat rentals and lively dining are plentiful, giving you the chance to have a family-friendly adventure or a more adult-friendly outing.


  • Santa Ana Zoo:Santa Ana also has its own zoo with monkeys, reptiles and other wildlife to keep you coming back year after year. In addition, as you enjoy the animals, you can participate in fun events, such as Brew at the Zoo, which allows you to enjoy beer, crafts and music during your visit.


  • Bowers Museum:If you enjoy culture, you can visit Bowers Museum, which includes a wonderful array of exhibits from around the world. You can view mummified remains from Egypt, religious artifacts from Rome and artistic pieces from China in the same place.


  • Dia de los Muertos:Santa Ana celebrates the traditional Mexican holiday, the Day of the Dead, as a huge family festival with its own parade each year. You’ll dress up, eat traditional food and even learn about the holiday as floats and dancers fill the streets of Santa Ana.


Santa Ana schools are known for their excellence in education and have received multiple awards.  In addition, area high schools, such as Mater Dei High School, are known for their athletic accolades. In fact, Mater Dei’s baseball team ranks among the top 25 high school teams in the United States, giving the city plenty to be proud about.



The shopping opportunities in Santa Ana are practically endless. In addition to great area stores, there are multiple downtown events that allow artists to display their creations and you to buy them.

  • The Patchwork Indie Arts & Crafts Festival:  Santa Ana is filled with artists and creators alike and one of the best ways to see what many of them are up to is at the Patchwork Indie Arts & Crafts Festival. This annual downtown event originated in Santa Ana, with dozens of artists displaying their creations for purchase.
  • Santa Ana Art Walk: The art is never-ending, especially with this event held once a month in downtown Santa Ana that places a spotlight on up-and-coming artists as well as well-established artists in the city. You’ll be able to find pieces from a variety of collections that fit perfectly with your unique home.



Santa Ana is one of the safest cities in the U.S. and getting around is easy. You won’t have to worry about driving everywhere to enjoy the sites as sidewalks are ample and bike riding is a way of life. Specially designated lanes for people who ride bikes can be found across the city making most of your travelling easy and convenient. There is also an Amtrak system available for easy commuting.


If you’re visiting Santa Ana or planning to stay a while, you’ll find more to do as you explore the various communities that make up the enthralling city. As it continues to grow, Santa Ana will also continue to provide new and exciting experiences for its residents and visitors, so buying a home could be your best bet for staying tuned in to the growing Southern California city. Lucky for you, Tribella is almost here.