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Sep 30

What is Urban Infill Building?


Posted on: 19 Sep 2013

These days, the way we live is changing.  Rather than moving farther away into distant suburbs over time, more and more homeowners are choosing to live in urban areas, even after they begin families.  This is a trend across the country, and it has important implications for the way we envision new, smarter housing.

That’s where urban infill building comes in.  Urban infill is all about finding underutilized or obsolete buildings, strip malls, and other properties, and adapting them to suit the needs of homeowners who want to remain easily connected to their jobs, families, and urban amenities.

By reinvigorating these spaces, urban infill building is infusing neighborhoods with new life.  A great example of this is our work on the townhome community of Centered on Capitol at 1328 N. Capitol Ave., in San Jose, Calif. For this new home community, we demolished an abandoned building and transformed it into a pedestrian-friendly neighborhood.

Urban infill is all about building that is thoughtful and resourceful, taking an area that is not being used to its fullest potential and transforming it into a space that benefits the community.  Contact us to see more examples of our work, and to learn about our fabulous new Northern and Southern California homes.